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William Charlwood

William has been a full-time UK-based internet marketer for 14 years and started out by running a popular Ezine (electronic magazine) about Google’s advertising system. Over time he build a subscriber base of over 20,000.

He wrote the first book on Google’s AdSense system (a subset of the AdWords advertising product): “The Definitive Guide to Google AdSense” and runs a range of websites including,,,, and

He also runs AdWords campaigns on his own account, selling products and services for businesses on a commission-only basis.

You can find out more about his online activities by doing a search using his name on Google, Bing etc.

As part of his role as an internet marketing consultant he spends several hours each week researching new marketing techniques.

William also owns a text-messaging patent for a system of advertising that was first used by Ford Motor Company, Legal & General, “3” and New Star Asset Management.

He has a degree in Physics from Oxford University. He lives with his family in a village in Wiltshire in the UK.

William Charlwood

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