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Display Network: a perfect example

Here's an example of a Display network ad showing how sophisticated Google's targeting is now.

 Display Network Example The ad was captured from a website called StatCounter where I monitor a lot of my sites' statistics. 

There are several very clever things about this ad.

  1. It is for a website I visited a few days ago.
  2. The ad is directed 100% at me.
  3. The ad refers exactly to a search I did online. 

I happen to own an old Ford Fiesta Hatchback that has quite literally been sitting in a garage for 5 years, un-used. I would like to make better use of the space it occupies and get it taken away, preferably getting some money in return.

So I searched online for a company who would buy the car. I found one that gave me an online quote based on information I provided.

I told them the registration number (licence plate number) which told them the make, model, date and engine size.

So at that stage the company knew that my car as a Ford Fiesta Hatchback and that it had a 1.1 litre engine, was Blue and was manufactured between 1989 and 1992.

So a few days later, I go onto a completely different site and, voila!. There's an ad from the same company for a car exactly like mine.

The display network can be a very powerful tool in your AdWords campaign and if you are an AdSense publisher you will be benefiting from this high level of targeting. Indeed, many AdSense publishers are getting revenues from advertisers unrelated to their site's content because Google is now placing ads on sites that are relevant to the viewers recent search history.

Try doing a search, say, for particular holiday and then browse round a lot of sites with AdSense on them. It is quite likely you'll see ads about that type of holiday on lots of different sites. Clever. But spooky too.

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