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How to choose a website designer

There is one question you should ask any website designer above all others.

"What conversion rates do your sites achieve?"

It doesn't matter whether they've won a design award.

It doesn't matter whether they build beautiful websites.

From a commercial perspective, a beautiful, award-winning website is one that has a fantastic conversion rate.

There are lots of tools available now to help boost conversion rates including some systems that let your site evolve automatically to generate more and more conversions. See Really Simple Testing for example.

You can also use tools to track what visitors actually do when they are on your site so that you can follow where they move their mouse and which links they hover over or click and whether they scroll down etc. See Userfly.

I use Userfly on this site. I also get sent an email automatically whenever anyone lands on this web page. This gives me a huge commercial advantage and if you want to know what it is, give me a call on 01672 520024 during UK office hours and I'll happily explain.

William Charlwood