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AdWords Case Study - Retail - Furnishings


My client had opened an AdWords account but he wasn't getting as many orders as he wanted. I took control of the account on 17th June 2008. He was after more conversions and was happy to pay a little more for them because each sale was highly profitable. In other words, he recognised that boosting return on investment was not his primary goal. He wanted greater profitability.

As you can see, the number of conversions increased dramatically once I had started to optimise his AdWords account. In fact they went from an average of about 1 a day up to 14 and climbing.

Would you like 14 times as much business?

How To Increase AdWords Conversions

You'll see that the cost per conversion rose too - but that was fine because his margins were good and the extra sales increased his profitability.

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William Charlwood

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