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AdWords Case Study - Retail - Footwear


My client was getting fed up with their existing AdWords consultancy because they were not delivering sales. In fact, the cost per sale was well in excess of the gross selling price even before taking the consultant's own fees into account.

I was asked to run the account for a trial period of 1 month (since extended indefinitely).

These graphs show you what happened.

AdWords Conversion Costs

AdWords Cost per Conversion

I took over on 19th August. I immediately killed one keyword - the client's own name - because they were ranking first for that anyway and none of their competitors were advertising against it.

What was then revealed was the true cost of their AdWords advertising wth all the other keywords in the account. You can see that the cost per conversion went up to between £15 and £31, averaging around £24.

Once I had a bit of data to work with I then completely reset the account and the conversion costs plummetted down to around £3 to £4. Critically though at the same time the number of sales shot up from around 3 or 4 a day to around 12 to 15.

That's quite good but in fact the true picture is somewhat better because none of these sales are being triggered by the client's own name anymore. In other words, these are genunine EXTRA sales. In fact you can see just how few sales their previous AdWords consultant was generating once you exclude the client's name from the account by looking at the period around 24th and 25th August - 1 or 2 a day.

So roughly speaking, the sales have risen by a factor of 9-ish. Conversion costs have fallen by around 85%.  So far...

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