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AdWords Case Study - Property Sector - Cost Reduction

" Google called on Friday to discuss why my payments have decreased so dramatically."


This was an unusual assignment. My French client, who rents and sells real estate in France, imposed some interesting restrictions on me.

  • I couldn't change the keywords he was using
  • I couldn't add any negative keywords
  • I couldn't change the Account structure - no new Campaigns for instance
  • I couldn't (initially) edit any ads

In fact there was very little freedom for manoeuvre.

I couldn't start up Content network or Placement advertising either which is a good way of getting low cost traffic (although it doesn't usually convert as well as search traffic).

The Challenge

The challenge I was set was to reduce his CPC (cost per click) whilst maintaining existing traffic levels within 10%. Success or failure was judged by comparison with the same period the previous year.

My fees were based entirely on what I could save my client - under this quite restrictive regime! Remember, no new keywords...

The Results 






March 08





March 09





% or Change





So I saved my client about 35% in March, or in this case over  €1,245.29 which is about £1,100. 






April 08





April 09





% or Change





In April I didn't save them so much - just €846.90 or around £720 - they spent a lot less in that period last year than the previous month. The total saving in percentage terms was 33.4%






May 08





May 09





% or Change





In May things got more interesting as I started to exploit the additional data I was gathering. I saved them -€1,491.96 which is around £1250. In percentage terms it's 48.6%.

All without adding (or taking away or pausing) any keywords to the account.

(Update from September: savings of 55% per click coupled with a slight increase in traffic - 1507 clicks versus 1504)

I am interested in working with more clients looking to share AdWords cost reduction so if you are in this position, give me a call on 01672 520024

William Charlwood

PS I didn't change the geotargeting settings either!

PPS Here's a quote from an email from my client

" Google called on Friday to discuss why my payments have decreased so dramatically."