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The way to get best value out of Google's impressive AdWords advertising system is to use tactics that get you highly targeted web traffic for as little as you can.

If you clicked on my AdWords ad to get to this page, it cost me just 3p.

If you are looking for a local AdWords consultant give me a call on 01672 520024.

I'm based near Swindon and have existing AdWords Management clients there and in the surrounding area.

There are some advantages to having a locally based AdWords management partner, not least being that we can meet up to discuss your business goals. I have a small number of local clients and we generally have update meetings on a quarterly basis.

To get a feel for what I do for my clients you may want to take a look round the rest of this site first.


William Charlwood

PS You may be interested to know that by now I will have been sent an email telling me that you are on this web page as well as what search phrase you used to find me!