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AdWords Case Study - Travel Industry

This AdWords case study relates to a Travel-based website.

My client's key problem was that, as is common throughout the travel sector, all their products behave like perishable goods - they are useless after a certain date. My client wasn't getting enough enquiries to fill pre-booked capacity.

One specific issue was that they were focusing too much on enquiry cost reduction at the expense of enquiry numbers. I worked with them to help determine the true value of enquiries which in turn led them to ask me to increase the number of enquiries they were getting, ideally whilst keeping conversion costs under control.

The spreadsheet below shows you the results. I started the job on 23rd October.

AdWords Case Study Travel Industry 

What the numbers clearly show is a dramatic increase in conversions - up 55.8% in the final week for a very slight increase in the cost per conversion figure of 0.1%.

The final day's results are more impressive - a 16.1% drop in conversion costs coupled with a 94.8% rise in conversion numbers - but you shouldn't read too much into a single day's figures.

This project was done as an extended AdWords Haircut. 

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William Charlwood