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AdWords Case Study - Software

This AdWords Case Study is about a software business that wanted to generate more traffic to its website internationally.

It was essentially a start up campaign because whilst my client had an existing AdWords account up and running, this campaign was for a new product launch.

As it often the case with new campaigns, it takes a while to find out what works and what doesn't both in terms of bid prices, ad copy and ad distribution.

The key campaign parameters here were that we had a fixed budget to begin with and wanted to grow traffic levels within that budget.

The graph below shows two variables and how they interacted over time.

How to increase AdWords traffic

The graph is a little compressed here but what it shows is the cost per click - green line - falling away initially very sharply and then steadily. Over the same period the number of clicks, shown in blue, increases by nearly a factor of  over 10.

During this period the budget was constant so none of the additional traffic was due to budget increases. It was all due to adjustments I made to optimise the campaign.

On the first day of the campaign my client got 17 clicks and over the last 7 days he has averaged 197 clicks a day which is about an 11-fold increase.  I am expecting to continue to grow traffic volume by manipulating various settings within the account.

One problem with this campaign is that we are restricted for trademark reasons in what we can say in the ad copy which means that getting strong click through rates for ads remains a challenge.

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