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AdWords & Business Analysis 

This is the story of one of my clients where some straightforward business analysis has enabled us to boost the profitability of his business by

  • increasing sales
  • reducing overheads and
  • boosting average order value.

All with AdWords.

My client sells home-related products that cost between £2,000 and £15,000 to customers across the UK. Each product is in part made-to-measure and requires a home visit pre-manufacture and an installation visit post manufacture.

Adwords Geotargeting

The first thing I did was to use the AdWords geotargeting system to restrict where his AdWords ads were being seen for the simple reason that it takes a lot less time and costs a lot less money to deal with clients who are local rather than have to drive hundreds of miles across the country in order to make a sale - or not.

This increased the proportion of his new clients who were more accessible. It also significantly cut his overheads and mileage and reduced management time burdens too.

Focusing on high profit products

The next thing I did was move his advertising budget away from lower priced, less profitable products towards his higher priced, more profitable products. This pushed up the average value of a sale which increased profitability.

Improving the enquiry pipeline

The number of enquiries coming in to my client increased substantially too and that then put him in a strong position as a manufacturer. First, he was more comfortable with rejecting requests for quotes from potential clients who were a long way away - because his business was stronger.

Second, it reduced slack periods in the workshop - periods that previously were eating into profits.

Finally, the knowledge that there was a strong enquiry pipeline enabled my client to feel comfortable with putting up prices because he knew that if one prospect rejected a proposal, there would be plenty more to deal with instead.

In short, his whole business became more robust and some of the pressures associated with running a manufacturing business were substantially reduced.

And then...

AdWords Advertising was halted!

We went through a period recently when all AdWords advertising had to be put on hold. Why? Because my client was at maximum capacity and was getting embarassed at quoting very long lead times.

But he only did this because he knew that I could get leads coming in to them again in literally an hour or two if needed.

And later on I did.



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