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AdWords B2B Case Study


My client had been running an AdWords account since April 2008. He wanted more leads for less money and sold marketing products and service to UK businesses.

The table below shows results from the date I started working on the account - 6th May 2010, to the present day: 23rd August 2010.

 Period Conversions Conversion rate Cost per conversion


 6th to 31st May















1st to 23rd August






One of the problems with AdWords is that when you start out you are penalised both by low conversion rates and little data to work with. The absence of data means that the optimisation process is usually quite slow to begin with.

You can see this in the chart above where the conversion rate only improved slowly at first and consequently the conversion costs didn't fall particularly quickly.

However, once data starts coming in, it becomes possible to make better quality, statistically valid judgements about keywords, landing pages, ad copy etc. which in turn helps accelerate the optimisation process.

Another typical pattern is to see overall costs fall quite quickly to begin with as poor quality keywords and ads are cleared from the account. Ideally conversion rates won't fall during this period but the profitability of the campaign will rise because of cost savings.

From then on, things should start to grow - and grow faster.

In the above chart the August figues show that growth coming through and also that overall costs are starting to rise - which is absolutely fine because once you start getting sales leads that are profitable, you simply want as many of them as you can deal with.

In summary, if we compare the first period here with the last period (and note that in the first period some of the benefits of my work were already coming through) we see

  • Cost per conversions fall by 68.3%
  • Conversion rates rise by 3.26% (which is a 228% increase on the initial conversion rate of 1.43%)
  • Overall conversions rising (pro rata) by 262%.

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William Charlwood