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AdWords Management.
How to manage AdWords profitably.

  • Traffic is vanity. Conversions are sanity. Fact.
  • A conversion occurs when someone clicks on your AdWords ad and then does something useful like sign up to a newsletter, buy something from you or 'phone you up. Anything that gets them engaged with your business.
  • Any money spent on traffic that doesn't convert is wasted - obviously. But get this next point because most people don't...
  • Any money not spent on traffic that would convert is a lost opportunity. So you need to ask whether you should be spending more as well as asking whether you should be spending less. This is where most advertisers go wrong because what you never get in extra sales you can't measure and you can't see.

    But it is a real cost to your business. It's money you are leaving on the table.

    If your ads are invisible at the time hot sales prospects are searching for what you sell because you are not spending enough with AdWords, they'll go to one of your competitors.
    - You won't see the search in your AdWords campaign stats.
    - You won't pay for an AdWords click.
    - You won't get the sale.
    - You won't get the profit.
    - But your competitor will.
  • So if you are making a good profit on your Google advertising and have the cash flow and the production capacity, you should simply spend more. 
  • Breaking even with AdWords? Then you are probably much more profitable than you think if you ever get repeat business from your customers.

Focusing on AdWords ROI is wrong! It really is. ROI is Not Profit.

Another error businesses make with AdWords is to focus on Return on Investment. AdWords ROI is the wrong Key Performance Indicator for a business. To understand this more, read this article on AdWords ROI.

The biggest mistake businesses make with Google AdWords

The biggest mistake businesses make with AdWords is nothing to do with AdWords at all. It is that they don't design their websites to convert visitors into paying customers. I know why this happens so often - it's because the four skills sets you need to build a converting website are rarely found in one web design business. You actually need

  • technical skills - to write HTML and use useful things like JavaScript that can do fancy stuff on your site
  • design skills - to make your site look respectable. But beware of using too much Flash animation and so on that makes the designer look clever at the expense of your wallet and your sales
  • internet marketing skills - to make best use of effective online marketing techniques,
  • copywriting skills - to get people on your site to take an action that is of value to you such as picking up the phone etc. Many sites fail because they are "brochureware": they look like online brochures. Instead tou need to make your site sell hard. It really needs to be designed like direct marketing material.
The majority of web design companies provide just two of these and also get in a complete muddle when it comes to things like search engine optimisation.
Conversion - what internet marketing is all about - is a problem that AdWords consultants meet all the time: you drive top quality targeted traffic to a client's website and it just bounces off.

Websites that don't convert don't convert with AdWords. Or with any other source of web traffic.

It is the equivalent of running a highly effective series of ads in a newspaper to get people to visit a new shop that is dirty, only partly stocked, badly lit, run by unfriendly staff, in a depressing part of town and often closed!

You just won't make sales.

So when you are thinking about working with an AdWords consultant, make sure you get someone who understands conversion and all the other stuff too.

It's not all rocket science. I have one client whose conversion rate shot up when, on my advice, he added his phone number to his home page. He wanted people to get in touch with him but they had to navigate to a contact page to find out his details. Now they don't have to take that extra step so he gets more enquiries.

Here's a nice customer quote:

" Google called on Friday to discuss why my payments have decreased so dramatically."

My AdWords Management Service

I run AdWords accounts for a range of business that are usually (but not always) based in the UK. I keep these accounts profitable and provide business and internet marketing advice to my clients too. I focus on commercial reality - what makes you more money.

I open AdWords accounts. I take over existing accounts. I optimise accounts and then hand them back. Whatever you want. I also add value by working on website conversion. I also set up Analytics accounts and help my clients use the information from Google Analytics to target their advertising budgets best.

I have many clients who I have been looking after for over 5 years continuously. My clients spend anything from £200 a month with Google up to £45,000 plus. I also love working with US-based clients and clients looking to advertise in the UK who are based in countries where English is not the mother-tongue.

What else do I do? (Check me out on LinkedIn too)

I run an online newsletter about AdSense which is a subset of the AdWords system and have around 15,000 readers worldwide. I've been doing this for over 7 years now.

I wrote the first book on AdSense in 2003. It was called The Definitive Guide to Google AdSense and I sold loads of copies for $67 each which isn't bad for an electronic download.

I also sell products and services on a commission or affiliate basis using my own money via AdWords campaigns so I know exactly what it feels like to spend money with Google.

And just occasionally I write web sales copy.

Before you go just take a look at this little graph and imagine what it would be like if this was your business....

How To Increase AdWords Conversions

I took over the running of this account on 17th June. My client wanted more conversions.

Here's another customer quote:

"My business achieved a 140% increase in orders from the previous month, yes that is the quietest month of the year when no one is spending! I had a further 9% increase in February and am on target for my most successful month in March. My business currently relies on adwords, therefore this is a true representation of William's Magic!"


William Charlwood
+44 (0)1672 520 024

PS Here's another couple of graphs showing what I do for my clients. The first shows how I increased conversions in a hotly competitive area. Easy to do if you just bid hard and spend a ton of money but..

this graph shows the cost per conversion figure for the same account over the same time period. I took over management on 12th November: about the middle of these two graphs.

Want to see another more recent one? Take a look at the graph below which shows two things: the number of conversions in red against the cost per conversion in blue. This was for a client who had built a lead generation website. What he wanted was as many leads as possible for a given cost per lead. Note the weekly pattern too - something which is typical for many businesses.

Lead Generation Case Study AdWords 

What's happened here is that since we kicked things off in early August the business has grown significantly and continues to do so. The raw data shows

  • 364 enquiries in August for £7.11.
  • 531 conversions in September for £7.50 each. 
  • In October (12th) so far we've had 349 conversions at £7.03. This extrapolates to 901.

Here's what my client said recently

"I have been much busier on the phone over the last few days, in fact the phone hardly stops! It is never usually as busy as this on the phone"

Give me a bell during UK business hours. I'm usually in. +44(0)1672 520024